What is Obsidian?

  • Obsidian Beard Essentials LLC is a brand devoted to the care and styling of facial hair. Our products work to enhance the appearance and growth of your beard. 

What are my shipping options?

  • Obsidian uses USPS to ship all packages.

When will I receive my package?

  • Packages usually take 3-5 business days after your order has been processed.

Where can I have my order shipped?

  • Packages can be shipped anywhere within the domestic United States and Canada.

If I ordered an item on back order, when can I expect to receive my product?

  • Back orders are processed the same day as restock. You will be notified as soon as the order is shipped and then you should receive it within 3-5 business days.

What are your return and refund policies?

  • If for any reason you would like to return a product, email us at essentialobsidian@gmail.com. Summarize your concern and we will get back with you on the procedure to return the item for an exchange or refund.

I’ve received my order, but the product(s) are damaged. What should I do?

  • Send us an email (essentialobsidian@gmail.com) to submit a request for replacement.

There are products missing from my order. What should I do?

  • Send us an email (essentialobsidian@gmail.com) stating your order number and we will work on sending the missing product at no cost to you.

If I were to return an item for a refund, will I receive the full refund?

  • In the event of a refund, Obsidian will provide a full reimbursement.

I have multiple charges on my card but I only placed one order.

  • Send us an email (essentialobsidian@gmail.com) and we will look into our records. If it is a problem on our end, we will notify you and refund all extra charges.

How do I update my billing information?

  • You can update your information at checkout or within settings on your member profile.

How do I access my account?

  • You can access the member login at the top right of the main page. Click the head icon.

My email/password won’t work.

  • Check to make sure you are using the correct email. If so, click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions for password reset.

Can I change my email address?

  • You can change your email address in the settings of your member profile.

Can I add or delete an address?

  • You can add/delete addresses in the settings of your member profile.

Will the product work on my head for balding?

  • The product does not reverse the effects of balding. Instead, Obsidian Beard Essentials uses all-natural ingredients to strengthen hair, preventing balding. The blend of oils is rich in Vitamin E and detoxes the skin, allowing for healthy hair growth based in the follicle.

I’ve never been able to grow a beard. Will the product be able to help with growth?

  • Our essentials work primarily to care for the skin underneath the beard where the follicle resides. Our oils contain Vitamins A, D, and E as well as skin replenishing oleic acids. We believe good skincare provides optimal conditions for the follicle aiding in overall hair growth.

Do the products contain any chemicals?

  • No, all of our products are 100% naturally extracted ingredients. No unnatural fragrances or parabens. The natural ingredients are the best at blending with the outer layer of the skin.

What is beard oil/shampoo?

  • Our beard shampoo works to cleanse and rejuvenate, while the oil works to strengthen and moisturize your facial hair and skin.

How do I use the beard oil/ shampoo?

  • To use the shampoo, wet face and lather 2-3 drops throughout the facial hair. Rinse. Repeat for best results. While still moist, rub 2-3 drops of the oil into the facial hair and skin.

What are the ingredients in your product for the beard oil/shampoo?

  • African Black Soap. Works as a great moisturizer as well as provides the skin with a rich amount of Vitamins A and E.
  • Alkaline Water. Promotes blood circulation in the skin which can enhance hair growth.
  • Lavandin Oil. Very similar to lavender oil. This essential oil is great at skin detox, stress relieving, and soothing skin.
  • Jojoba Oil. This oil is very similar to our own natural skin sebum oil so it blends well on your face. It’s rich in Vitamin E and good at treating acne.
  • Aloe Vera. This ingredient works to heal damage to hair and skin cells. Revitalizing the face and providing that healthy glow.
  • Argan Oil. This essential oil promotes hair growth and provides a good source of Vitamin A and E.
  • Almond Oil. Cleanses the deep skin and removes the dead skins cells. Also provides protection from UV radiation.
  • Castor Oil. Hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Also works as an antibacterial reducing skin irritation and treating acne.
  • Shea Nut Oil. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Prevents irritation due to long hair.

I can’t view the website.

  • If you are having issues viewing the website, try using a different web browser.

My order won’t go through.

  • Check to see if your order is reflected in your bank records. If you do not receive a confirmation but your card was charged, email us (essentialobsidian@gmail.com) and we will create an order for you.